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LCP removes the guesswork by integrating Science & Technology to provide a thorough candidate assessment that is unique in IT recruitment. LCP Logic uses i-intro® which combines McQuaig® behavioural profiling, with role specific, competence-based questions to identify the right type of candidate for your business and then finds them.

It is not about the people we send to you, it is about the people we don’t.

You are a successful business embracing change with healthy growth ambitions. You understand that employing the right people is a necessity in order to develop and maintain a competitive edge within your market. You do not want a lengthy, drawn-out recruitment process.

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  • Reduce commercial downtime
  • Increase employee retention rates
  • Reduce the overall cost to hire

Available at your fingertips anywhere, anytime.


You have previously spent unnecessary time reviewing candidate CVs and replacing people who have not fit in with your business’ beliefs and cultures. You know you need to recruit talented people but want to spend less time doing it. You need assurance that the people you hire are not only experts in their field, but the right fit for your business environment and the people around them.

Gone are the days of tracking multiple emails from various recruiters with various documents! CVs, video interviews, key competencies & full behavioural profiles all in one place. An online platform that can be accessed and used easily, displaying candidates in a way that you will have never seen before.

96 percent

after 12 months

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Permanent roles

We will work closely together to fulfil your long-term staffing solutions and ensure the right people are found.


Whether you are looking for a single specialist or an entire team, LCP will work hard to source you the people you need

Cost efficiency

People are the driving force of all organisations. It costs to have someone invest their time solely on finding you the perfect candidate; but it pays to have the best employees.


  • You have previously felt disengaged with the recruitment process.
  • You have applied for jobs and had promising telephone calls that have not gone anywhere.
  • You have been placed in a role within a company that you have not liked and did not feel comfortable in or associate positively with the management style

Recruiters can be frustrating. They often seek the path to least resistance which ends up being a bumpy road ahead for those they recruit.

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